Server Software of Spatial Big Data Warehouse

 Terrain Mapping Service Server (TMSS)

Terrain Service Server is capable to host OGC OpenGIS compliant services with large volume of terrain data, such as digital elevation model data and grid data sets for terrain analysis.

Terrain Mapping Service Server (TMSS) is a powerful enterprise application that provides an optimized, open-formatted terrain source for any Cesium, Worldwind, SkylineGloebe and Luciad RIA and third-party application. Users can upload private Terrain/DSM/DEM data sources to TMSS storage alongside with the pre-processed  Global DSM data to create a stream-less overlapped, blended terrain mosaic. The core technology behind the TMSS is our advanced techniques for mosaicking terrain data sources of varied resolution into a unified grid set, called ETBD, Earth Terrain Big Data, using the OpenGIS main-stream terrain service format.

ETBD is a high-resolution, worldwide terrain elevation tileset that is useful for Earth surface visualization, geodetic survey and scientific research. We continually make it enhances in size and higher resolution as new sources of high-quality elevation data are found, acquired, and incorporated into current tileset.

Mapping Service Server - Vector (MSS-V)

Mapping Service Server is an OGC compliant geospatial web server to host vector data for WMS/WFS standard services.

Mapping Service Server - Imagery (MSS-I)

Mapping Service Server is an OGC compliant geospatial web server to host satellite imagery data or air photos for WMS/WFS standard services .

Cache Mapping Service Server (CMSS)

Cache Mapping Service Server is an OGC compliant tiles server for WMTS standard tile service.