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Support of high performance queries on large volumes of spatial data becomes increasingly important in many application domains, including geospatial problems in numerous fields, location based services, and emerging scientific applications that are increasingly data- and compute-intensive. The emergence of massive scale spatial data is due to the proliferation of cost effective and ubiquitous positioning technologies, development of high resolution imaging technologies, and contribution from a large number of community users. There are two major challenges for managing and querying massive spatial data to support spatial queries: the explosion of spatial data, and the high computational complexity of spatial queries.


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Spatial Big Data

Private Cloud Solution for Spatial Big Data Warehouse

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Spatial Big Data

5D Visualization of Geo-Spatial Awareness Big Data

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Spatial Big Data Technology Corp Limited was founded to provide professional services of how to build, design and customize an Advanced Five Dimension System (A5DS™, 5D – 3D + Time+ Awareness) to host, manage and visualize large volumes of either static & dynamic spatial big data sets from various IoT sensor sources in complex formats. We are also experienced in productive integration between BIM, Asset/Facility Management and 5D GIS by modern VR/AR/MR technology.



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